What is B.Sc Nursing ? Complete information about B.Sc Nursing

B.Sc Nursing – In today’s post we will discuss a very important topic that is Bsc Nursing kya hai. If you are searching for information about B.Sc Nursing then welcome to our blog. Here we will not only tell about Bsc Nursing kya hota hai but also provide all the information related to it. So that even if you do this course, then it will help you to take decision regarding career in Bsc Nursing.

What is B.Sc Nursing ?

B.Sc Nursing is an undergraduate course in the medical field. Its duration is 4 years. This course is a better career option for those candidates who want to make a career in the field of medicine or medicine. There are also some candidates who dream of becoming a doctor, but for some reason they are not able to do courses like MBBS or BAMS, then such people can fulfill their dream of making a career in the field of medicine by doing BSC Nursing Course.

Since the fees for MBBS and BAMS courses are also very high, it is not in everyone’s power to do these medical courses. So for such candidates, Bsc Nursing course is such a career option, through which they can make a career in the field of medicine.

Career in the field of Nursing has always been good and will be better in future. There is no doubt about career in this field. After doing Bsc Nursing Course, you will not roam unemployed. But after that the job is easily available.

You can also get an idea of ​​the career growth in this field, how fast the population is increasing. As the population is increasing, the number of patients is also increasing in the same way. When the number of patients is increasing, due to this new hospitals are also opening. Due to the opening of more and more hospitals, the demand for trained nursing staff is increasing. In this way, you can make a very good career in this field.

In today’s era, there have been so many hospitals, nursing homes and trauma centers, that there remains a demand for people who are trained in nursing. If you will find hospitals in every street corner of the city, then there are very good job opportunities here because of the reason that the number of hospitals is increasing day by day. Due to which the need for nursing staff is also increasing there.

There are also good chances of government jobs after doing B.Sc Nursing course. Where you can do job as nurse in community hospital, CHC, PHC, district hospitals. Apart from this, you can do the job of nurse in the health department of army, railway and many other government departments. Apart from this, government job opportunities can also be found as CHO i.e. Community Health Officer.

How to do B.Sc Nursing ?

Many students ask that how they can do B.Sc Nursing. What is the qualification required for B.Sc Nursing? For this, the candidate should have passed 12th PCB group i.e. with Chemistry, Physics and Biology as one of the subjects. Should have at least 45% to 55% in 12th. After this you have to apply for admission in various universities and nursing colleges.

The process of admission to B.Sc Nursing may differ from institute to institute. At some place you will get direct admission and at some place entrance exam has to be given for admission. See, in government institutions, after passing the entrance exam, admission will be done on the basis of merit. While there are some more famous private nursing colleges, then you may have to give entrance exam for admission there too, but it is not necessary. Most of the private colleges give direct admission.

B.Sc Nursing Course Fees ?

The fee for this course varies from institute to institute. At present, its fee ranges from 30 thousand to 5 lakh. Its fee depends on what kind of college you are doing Bsc Nursing from. If you do this course from a government college, then the course will be done in 5 to 10 thousand annual fees only. Whereas, if you are doing Bsc Nursing from a private college, then the fees can range from 50 thousand to 1.5 lakh annually.

Now you have got every information related to Bsc Nursing kya hai and how to do it. Let us give you more important information related to this course.

Let us now tell you which entrance exam you can give for admission in Government College. For the time being, let me tell you, government colleges are very good and at the same time their fees are also very less. So every year lakhs of students apply for Bsc Nursing Entrance Exam. Because of this the competition increases a lot. If you prepare diligently, then only you will be able to clear its entrance exam. Following are the entrance exams….

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